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Learn to Invest with Redvest - Partners

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Welcome to the Gateway to Finance and Investing, a comprehensive 2-month program designed to propel high school students toward a successful college major in finance or economics, guide college students along a vibrant career path in finance, and equip any eager learner with the skills to commence investing. What is this course for? - Learning how to invest 🤓 - Get a job or an internship in finance or related field 💼 - Get into a good college program 🎓 - Investing in yourself to increase your earning potential 💵 What we provide? 📣 - Career guidance - Lessons - Practical investing skills - Applying investing skills to the market via Redvest App - Quizzes - Certifications What you will learn? 🎓 - Learn the fundamentals of investing and stock market dynamics. - Develop skills in reading and interpreting financial charts, apply principles of portfolio diversification and risk management. - Gain knowledge necessary for pursuing a career in finance. - Empower financial decision-making for personal growth and financial freedom. - Help you achieve your financial goals, whether it is starting to invest, getting into a finance related college program or embarking on a career path in finance Length: ⏳ 2 months (self-paced/ take as long as needed) **You can keep on subscribing for continuous access to new lessons What will you receive at the end? 🎁 - Redvest Investment Accelerator Certification - Resume building worksheets - Skills to continue your financial journey 💪🏼

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